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Climate Change | Analysis and New Insights

Now Is the Time: Early Fossil Fuel Displacement in South and Southeast Asia

Sara Jane Ahmed | October 2020

Climate Change | Analysis and New Insights

The Four Ds of Oil’s Just Transition

Victor Menotti | September 2020

Climate Change | Other Publication

Lobster on the Titanic: Remarks by Keith Porter to the Foundations 20

Keith Porter | September 2020

Climate Change | Analysis and New Insights

The Playbook for Paradigm Shift: A Green Recovery in the COVID-19 Context

Claire Healy | July 2020

Nuclear Weapons | Analysis and New Insights

Accelerating the Implementation of Holistic Advanced Manufacturing to Meet US Nuclear Enterprise Needs

Kathryn Dura | July 2020

Nuclear Weapons | Readout and Recommendations

The Militarization of Artificial Intelligence

Melanie Sisson, Jennifer Spindel, Paul Scharre, Vadim Kozyulin | June 2020

Mass Violence and Atrocities | Selected Article

Coming Together: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Peacebuilding

Friederike Bubenzer | May 2020

Nuclear Weapons | Selected Article

Ethics in the Age of OSINT Innocence

Melissa Hanham and Jaewoo Shin | May 2020

Climate Change | Selected Article

Double the Risk: The Exponential Rise of Threats to Human Rights by Climate Change and Infectious Diseases

Hiba Ghandour and Poorvaprabha Patil | May 2020

Climate Change | Selected Article

Waiting for a Green Stimulus

Julian Brave NoiseCat | May 2020

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