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Nuclear Weapons | Discussion Paper

It’s More Than a Story

Ben Loehrke, Nickolas Roth, and Luisa Kenausis | April 2023

Mass Violence and Atrocities | Report

Guiding Principles and Inspiring Actions: Operationalizing the Resolution to Reduce Urban Violence

Peace in Our Cities | Dr. Hernán Flom | October 2022

Nuclear Weapons | Analysis and New Insights

Public Open Source Analysis and Intelligence: Practice, Terminology, and Ethical Considerations

Neil Ashdown | October 2022

Nuclear Weapons | Report

Setting Your Moral Compass: A Workbook for Applied Ethics in OSINT

Melissa Hanham | August 2022

Nuclear Weapons | Report

Racial Inequalities and Nuclear Policy

Sylvia Mishra and Wardah Amir | February 2022

Mass Violence and Atrocities | Report

Systemic Racism in Mass Violence and Atrocity Prevention

Pratima T. Narayan, Ronnate Asirwatham, and Abiola Afolayan | February 2022

Nuclear Weapons | Report

Feeling the Burden: Ethical Challenges and Practices in Open Source Analysis and Journalism

Benjamin Loehrke, Luisa Kenausis, Aida al-Kaisy, Devon Terrill, Kelly Smits | January 2022

Mass Violence and Atrocities | Discussion Takeaways

VIII. Regional Responses to the Crises in Latin America and the Caribbean: Subregional Sessions

December 2021

Nuclear Weapons | Discussion Takeaways

Talking with Journalists and Analysts about the Ethics of Open Source

Luisa Kenausis | October 2021

Climate Change | Report

Climate Change and Systemic Environmental Racism

Emily Sample and Regina M. Paulose | October 2021

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