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Our programs for journalists, editors, and other media producers enable rigorous and independent reporting on issues related to global peace and security.

Independent and accurate journalism builds more informed, just, and accountable societies.

To support our long-held belief that independent journalism is a critical part of strong global governance, the Stanley Center creates a range of programs tailored for members of the media, often in collaboration with partner organizations. These journalism and media programs—hosted around the world—focus on three specific issue areas: climate change, nuclear weapons, and mass violence and atrocities.

Each year, the Stanley Center organizes 7–10 workshops, reporting fellowships, investigative reporting projects, story labs, and other programs. In all these efforts, we uphold and respect the processes and principles of a free and independent press. By providing access to information, tools, and training, we aim to help journalists produce reporting that is fact based and impactful—and that tells the important and often difficult stories they believe the world needs to hear.

Our Programs

Journalism and media programs typically include elements such as journalist-led training sessions, expert panels, field trips, reporting opportunities, and story development. While some programs are invitation only, others are filled through an open-registration process or calls for applications.


Stanley Center workshops are designed to strengthen knowledge and skills required to cover specific topics related to global peace and security.

Reporting fellowships

These curated opportunities at key global events encourage journalists to pursue important and underreported stories, grow their networks, and build expertise in key issue areas.

Investigative reporting projects

By collaborating with investigative journalism organizations, we facilitate deep dives into issues in the public interest, with opportunities for investigative reporters to share their findings and inform policy.

Story labs

These forums convene journalists and researchers to collaborate on new stories, share information, and discover new research and storytelling approaches.

Other activities

We also host media-focused panel discussions at conferences, networking events, and a variety of other programs that showcase or strengthen journalism related to our peace and security interests. We are always open to new program ideas and collaborations.

Recent Work & Highlights

Read stories, highlights, and updates from our media fellows and updates from our journalism and media team about recent workshops, story labs, fellowships, and other programs.

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Are you a journalist or member of the media who wants to enhance your reporting, skills, and knowledge? Follow us on Twitter (@StanleyConnect) or contact a member of our team to learn more about upcoming Stanley Center workshops, fellowships, story labs, and more.

If you have media inquiries related to the center’s work in our community or around the world, contact our communications department.

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Issue Areas

Alongside our global partners, the Stanley Center drives policy progress in three issue areas: mitigating climate change, avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, and preventing mass violence and atrocities.