Mass Violence and Atrocities

The Stanley Center informs policy and action that builds resilience to mass violence and atrocities by working across the globe with governments, civil society, and the private sector.

We are building societies that are resilient to mass violence and atrocities.

Around the world, large-scale and systematic violence continues to cripple societies and destroy the lives of millions of people. The Stanley Center for Peace and Security works across cultures, countries, and sectors to promote an inclusive and lasting peace—preventing mass violence is key to those efforts.

Failure to act will create devastating consequences that last generations. But there is some good news: violence can be prevented, we know how to do it, and we are learning more every day about how to use evidence to improve prevention strategies.

Making societies more resilient—in the face of rising tensions and disputes—is key. Decades of research and peacebuilding efforts show that certain structural conditions make societies more vulnerable. We believe it is critical to address these conditions, and we are committed to an approach that prevents mass violence and atrocities through better policies, action, and relationships among key actors.

How We Work

At the Stanley Center, our work is rooted in strategic partnerships and critical analysis. To improve policy and governance, we work across sectors and through collective action to build on existing knowledge and design new, creative approaches to prevention and resilience. When choosing where to focus our efforts, we consider where we can best apply these approaches to create the most impact.

We know preventing violence is a process that requires ongoing, sustained attention with solutions from local and regional actors. We are in it for the long haul because we believe all people deserve to live and prosper without fear.

Key Strategies

Informing policy and practice

Good policy requires informed and thoughtful design. Where risk is high, decision makers need access to useful, evidence-based information. We are working to make that possible.

Connecting ideas and actors across sectors

We know that good policy is rooted in holistic, comprehensive approaches. And that violence prevention and peace underpin the success of all development and security goals. We work to bring actors from various sectors together to identify and pursue common goals and methods.

Building regional networks

Regional networks that encourage cooperation and promote best practices are not only highly effective at promoting a prevention approach, but critical to implementing relevant policy. To diffuse prevention tools and gather current research on at-risk areas, we help build these broad networks of country representatives, members of civil society, academics, journalists, and others.

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