Attribution Guidelines

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security encourages the use of our original publications, articles, and other content for educational and research purposes, provided that proper attribution is provided to the Stanley Center, as well as to the original author (if listed) and any affiliation(s) of the author.

A link to our homepage or to the featured content on our website must be included wherever the content is shared, along with the notation: “Originally published by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security”. If the article originally appeared in Courier, the notation should state: “Originally published in Courier, a publication of the Stanley Center for Peace and Security”.

If an excerpt from a publication or article is used, attribution and a link must still be provided.

When sharing online or through e-mail, partner institutions who contributed to an article or publication are kindly asked to provide a link to the content on the center’s website, along with the notation: “Published by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, in [partnership/collaboration] with” the institution.

Please also note the following:

  • Material may not be altered, except to conform to editorial style.
  • Photographs or illustrations appearing outside of policy publications may not be republished without specific permission. Contact [email protected] to make a request.
  • Our material may not be sold or used for any commercial purpose (but may be cited and used by media organizations).
  • These permissions and restrictions also apply to print material. If any of our content is used in print, kindly send an image of the republished material to [email protected].