July 10-12, 2018 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Climate Change

Shifting to Sustainable Consumption for 1.5°C: Gaps, Solutions, and New Policy Agendas

Invitation Only

There is a growing understanding that supply side policies, technologies, and investments alone may not deliver the needed reductions in emissions to meet the 1.5° C goal. With disruptive innovations and business models on the horizon, there are enormous opportunities to shape future consumption patterns in ways that will have significant implications for both emissions reductions and broader sustainability goals. Achieving this will require new forms of collaboration among governments, cities, businesses, and civil society, potentially necessitating a redesign of policies and planning processes to enable the most sustainable and equitable options to become the new business-as-usual.

This workshop, hosted in collaboration with the Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy at Chatham House, aims to identify concrete ways to embed incentives for sustainable consumption into policy agendas at national and international levels and kick-start an international discussion connecting climate imperatives with sustainable consumption, as well as strengthen the knowledge base around demand side measures, including behavior change.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change