September 9, 2020 | Nuclear Weapons

Emerging Digital Technologies for Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security

Emerging digital technologies present challenges and opportunities for the nuclear materials management community.

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management’s California, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest chapters are hosting a joint workshop on Emerging Digital Technologies. Due to travel restrictions and health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, that workshop is postponed to 2021. New workshop details coming soon.

Featured Speakers

How to deal with Opportunities and Threats emerging from New Technology
Nidhi Kalra (RAND Corporation)
Senior information scientist at the RAND Corporation. She has previously served as director of RAND’s San Francisco Bay Area office and co-director of RAND’s Center for Decision Making Under Uncertainty.

The Role of Innovation in IAEA Safeguards
Dimitri Finker (IAEA)
Technology foresight specialist at the IAEA, previously chief technology officer at Freshmile, an innovative start-up active in the field of energy storage and electric vehicles and Section Head at AREVA. Learn more about IAEA’s Emerging Technologies Workshop.


Ben Loehrke

Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons