July 18-19, 2019 | Boulder, CO, USA | Nuclear Weapons

The Gray Spectrum: Ethical Decision Making in Geospatial Analysis

Invitation Only

Geospatial analysts face decisions in their work that can directly or indirectly cause harm to individuals, organizations, institutions, and society. Though analysts may try to do the right thing, such ethically-informed decisions can be complex and problematic. This is particularly true for analysts working on issues related to nuclear nonproliferation or international security, whose decisions on whether or not to share or publish certain findings could have far-reaching consequences. These experts may not have access to ethical guidance and resources that can improve decision making, enhance the professionalism of their craft, deter unethical behavior, or provide a support system for difficult decisions.

This workshop will convene geospatial analysts working on nonproliferation and international security with experts in journalism ethics and applied ethics. The workshop will explore the ethical challenges that analysts face. It will discuss the resources on ethical decision making that are available to the community or those that are needed. It will also provide space for participants to consider what coordinated approaches the analytical community could take to enhance its ethical practices.


Ben Loehrke

Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons

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