Mass Violence and Atrocities | Readout and Recommendations

The Responsibility to Protect in the Next Decade

May 2015


Ten years after the 2005 World Summit, an international effort is under way to review progress and chart a path forward for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). While taking stock of R2P’s evolution is vital, attention must also be given to developing an ambitious vision for the decade ahead.

In support of this evolving dialogue, the Stanley Center convened a diverse group of diplomats, policymakers, and experts for its 46th annual United Nations Issues Conference, “The Responsibility to Protect in the Next Decade,” held March 25–27, 2015. Participants considered the prospects and challenges for R2P implementation ten years after its adoption by UN member states. Focused on the future, the dialogue sought to identify forward-looking priorities and concrete recommendations for R2P’s second decade.

This policy dialogue brief presents the key themes of the discussion and offers the recommendations of roundtable participants.