April 29, 2020 | Nuclear Weapons

Three Tweets To Midnight – Virtual Discussion

Invitation Only

The event features presentations from and Q&A with authors and editors from the new edited volume “Three Tweets to Midnight,” co-edited by Harold Trinkunas, Herb Lin, and Ben Loehrke.

Disinformation and misinformation have always been part of conflict. But the rise of social media and the new global information ecosystem have created conditions for the spread of propaganda like never before—with potentially disastrous results. This volume examines how digital misinformation might affect the likelihood of international conflict and how it might influence the perceptions and actions of leaders and their publics before and during a crisis. It sounds the alarm about how social media increases information overload and promotes “fast thinking,” with potentially catastrophic results for nuclear powers.

The book is available at Hoover Institution Press. PDFs of individual chapters are free to download.


  • Dr. Rose McDermott, Brown University
    “Psychological Underpinnings of Post-truth in Political Beliefs” (chapter pdf)
  • Dr. Kristin Ven Bruusgaard, University of Oslo
    “Crisis Stability and the Impact of the Information Ecosystem” (chapter pdf)


Ben Loehrke

Senior Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons