May 7, 2018 | Bonn, Germany | Climate Change

Step Up Together: How Do We Build a Bridge from Bonn to San Francisco to Katowice?

Invitation Only

The year 2018 launches an international effort to enhance climate action and ambition by 2020, the first “ratchet” since the Paris Agreement. Cities, states, regions, businesses, investors, civil society groups, and other “non-party actors” play a critical role in delivering progress on the ground and in the real economy, as well as generating new opportunities for national governments to strengthen implementation and step up ambition. 2018 represents a year where parties and non-parties can “step up” together.

With our partners from Oxford University Blavatnik School of Government, World Resources Institute, and German Development Institute, this event focuses on this mutual reinforcement and explores how non-party actors can support countries to step up action and ambition in 2018, while also looking forward to 2020. Key discussion questions will include:

  • How can non-party actors champion ambitious policies; link or scale up climate action efforts through policy recommendations to governments; and share innovations in technical and regulatory practices and in business operations?
  • What channels exist through which non-party actors can direct inputs to the UNFCCC and to national governments? What inputs should go where, and how can these work better?
  • How can governments help support and maximize the impact of these non-party inputs and advance implementation and ambition through 2020?


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change