Climate Change | Readout and Recommendations

Countdown to 2020

April 2017


A turning point in emissions by 2020 is a requirement for staying within the 1.5° C target, the ambitious goal set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

At the 48th annual UN Issues Conference, the Stanley Center gathered a group of proactive countries and the largest leading climate action coalitions to develop a road map for international policy and climate action to achieve a turning point in global carbon emissions by 2020.

This policy dialogue brief highlights the key themes and recommendations from conference participants, which include the need to identify and connect climate action tipping points in the real economy with international policy, as well as to develop a shared strategy around political moments for policymakers and subnational and nonstate actors, in order to achieve policy that encourages movement in the real economy, and real economy tipping points leveraged for political action leading up to 2020.