Mass Violence and Atrocities | Report

Impact:Peace Launch Report

August 2019


The world is experiencing a 30-year high in violent conflict. Battle deaths worldwide have increased by 340% over the last 10 years. Efforts to limit violent conflict are fragmented and inadequate, with insufficient hard evidence about where best to allocate resources. To reverse these negative trends, we need to create smarter, more effective, better-funded ways to reduce violent conflict and build peaceful societies. In May, the Stanley Center launched the Impact:Peace Initiative in partnership with the University of San Diego Kroc School’s Institute for Peace and Justice.

Impact:Peace will leverage evidence to accelerate the most important change processes in the peacebuilding field. We will collaborate with partners—including the newly-formed +Peace Coalition—to synthesize the most rigorous research available, produce original research, and develop innovative ways to connect that evidence with those driving positive change.

Impact:Peace will work with advocates, practitioners, and policymakers to identify the policy and advocacy processes within the peacebuilding field that have the most potential for real impact on the ground. Impact:Peace will create a powerful, agile, evidence infrastructure to accelerate and amplify these change processes. The ultimate goal: a significant reduction of violent conflict worldwide.

This exciting new initiative kicked off with a launch party-convening at the University of San Diego, May 20–22, 2019. The outcomes and next steps that resulted from that gathering are available in this Launch Report.

More information about the Impact:Peace initiative may be found here.

Impact:Peace is now the Violence, Inequality, and Power Lab.