Climate Change

COP28 Climate Change Media Partnership Reporting Fellowship

June 2023


Twenty climate journalism In-Person Fellows from low- and middle-income countries will report on location in Dubai at the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) in November-December 2023. In addition, up to ten Virtual Fellows will cover COP28 remotely.

The Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP), led by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security and Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN), is pleased to announce the CCMP COP28 Reporting Fellowship Program for journalists interested in covering the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28). Hosted this year by the United Arab Emirates, the conference is scheduled to take place in the city of Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023. Marking eight years since the Paris Agreement was signed, COP28 will feature the first Global Stocktake to assess the collective progress by nations to date on climate mitigation, adaptation, and equitable implementation (including financial issues and just transition).


Now in its 16th iteration since its launch in 2007, the CCMP has brought more than 400 journalists from low- and middle-income countries to attend and report on the annual UN climate talks. This has enabled journalists from around the world to cover the climate negotiations for their home audiences, while benefiting from working alongside knowledgeable media trainers and gaining a multifaceted understanding of the actions countries are taking—or not taking—to address climate change’s global impact.

This year, the CCMP Reporting Fellowship aims to bring up to 20 journalists from low- and middle-income countries to report in-person at COP28.

In addition, CCMP organizers will award 10 Virtual Fellowships this year, with spots for up to five journalists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and up to five from the Lower Mekong region in two separate cohorts. Each cohort will have a dedicated media trainer supporting them from on the ground in Dubai. In the application, journalists will be asked to indicate which Fellowship program track they are most interested in.

Applications for the CCMP COP28 Reporting Fellowship will be accepted from June 7-30. Decisions will be communicated in August. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, so please consider submitting at least one day before the deadline to avoid any issues.

In-Person Fellowships

CCMP In-Person Fellows will travel to Dubai to attend the entire duration of the UN climate negotiations, with arrival planned for November 28, 2023 and departure on December 14, 2023.

The CCMP will cover non-refundable economy-class airfare, accommodation, meals, travel medical insurance and ground transportation costs related to Fellowship participation. Organizers will also facilitate the press accreditation process and provide logistical support relating to the trip. Please note that the process of obtaining any necessary visas is the Fellow’s individual responsibility, though the CCMP will reimburse visa costs.

Prior to the start of COP28, Fellows will receive resources and technical support to help prepare for reporting at the conference, including a pre-COP virtual workshop to meet the team, discuss reporting opportunities, and ask any questions. Once in Dubai, Fellows will participate in a series of specially designed activities over the two-week period on the ground, including an orientation session with seasoned climate journalists and experts on the key issues at this COP, daily briefings, networking events and interviews with high-level officials. They will also be guided by EJN trainers, who are senior journalists with experience covering UN climate summits.

Virtual Fellowships

Virtual Fellowships will run from 30 November to 13 December 2023.

Virtual Fellows will be supported by a media trainer who will be on the ground in Dubai. Virtual Fellowships will include a number of online activities, mostly conducted over Zoom, including:

  • Regular meetings with trainers one-on-one and in groups about the latest COP news.
  • Support in accessing information about the COP, including documents and live-streamed events.
  • Group interviews with officials or other experts.
  • Assistance with sourcing and interview scheduling.
  • Mentoring and editing support for story development.
  • Possible virtual networking opportunities.

To read eligibility criteria, learn more, and apply, visit the CCMP COP28 Reporting Fellowship application page.

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