Climate Change

COP27 media coverage from the ground in Sharm el-Sheikh

November 2022


Read stories published by the Climate Change Media Partnership journalism fellows, reporting from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, at COP27.

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) now taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is intended to draw the world’s attention to the needs of climate vulnerable countries, especially on the continent of Africa.

Twenty journalism fellows from low- and middle-income countries are reporting on location at COP27 as part of the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) co-organized by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

A major theme at this year’s conference is how wealthy countries, who have contributed the most carbon emissions, are not meeting their obligations for providing climate financing to developing nations experiencing the brunt of climate impacts.

Reporters play an important role in holding leaders accountable for their decisions—or indecisions—on addressing climate change. Reporting by CCMP fellows at COP27 promotes accountability and informs their audiences back home about high-level climate negotiations that will impact over 3 billion people worldwide who live in climate vulnerable communities.

Several of the CCMP fellows participated in a discussion at COP27’s Climate Education Hub about the role of media in tackling the climate emergency. In addition, fellows and trainers from the Global South reflected on what climate justice means to them while those from Africa shared their perspectives on reporting at the African COP.

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Please note that the headlines have in many cases been translated from the original reporting. Links below are to the original publications.

Read selected reporting from CCMP journalism fellows, virtual fellows, and trainers at COP27 (see full list). This list will continue to be updated as more stories are published during the conference:

  • Nigerian archbishop says rich nations need to pay for environmental damage
    Killian Chimtom Ngala, November 20, 2022, Crux
  • Liberia: Partners’ Support Vital for AU’s Implementation of Green Recovery Plans
    Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh, November 18, 2022, Daily Observer
  • Activists at COP27 say no to false solutions, Africa carbon markets initiative
    Paul Omorogbe, November 17, 2022, Nigerian Tribune
  • East Africa: ‘The Horn of Africa Is Paying the Price for the World’s Selfishness’ #AfricaClimateCrisis
    Melody Chironda, November 17, 2022, AllAfrica
  • Will the Global Energy Crisis Accelerate the Energy Transition? The Big Question at COP27
    Daniel Gutman, November 16, 2022, Inter Press Service
  • There are not two Brazils, there are not two planets, says Lula at COP 27
    Cristiane Prizibisczki, November 16, 2022, O Eco
  • Mongolia Arrives at COP27 with Largest Delegation in Country’s History
    Narantungalag Enkhtur, November 16, 2022, NTV Broadcasting via EJN
  • Climate refugees: The missing item on the COP27 agenda
    Lyse Mauvais, November 16, 2022, The New Arab
  • World still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, new report shows
    Pauline Ongaji, November 16, 2022, Nation Media Group
  • How the Alliance of Forest Lords Will Shape Global Carbon Markets
    Rezza Aji Pratama, November 14, 2022,
  • Indigenous Peoples Have Their Own Agenda at COP27, Demand Direct Financing
    Daniel Gutman, November 12, 2022, Inter Press Service
  • Africa: Climate Action Must Focus on Decent Work and a Just Transition #AfricaClimateHope
    Melody Chironda, November 10, 2022, AllAfrica
  • Report reveals that emissions are triple those reported
    Xilena Pinedo, November 10, 2022, Ojo Público
  • High time to finance climate loss, damage mitigation in Sundarbans
    Mehedi Al Amin, November 9, 2022, The Business Post
  • Latin America seeks to install debt discussion at COP27
    Daniel Gutman, November 9, 2022, Inter Press Service
  • ‘The climate crisis is a human rights crisis’: Top human rights activists call out repressive regimes at COP27
    Lyse Mauvais, November 9, 2022, The New Arab
  • Africa: The 27 Demands African Women Want Addressed at COP27 #AfricaClimateHope
    Melody Chironda, November 8, 2022, AllAfrica
  • A year of extreme climate events sets the agenda for COP27
    Nihar Gokhale, November 8, 2022, The Morning Context
  • Parties at COP27 Add Loss and Damage to the Agenda, But Won’t Discuss Which Countries Are Responsible or Who Should Pay
    Zoha Tunio, November 7, 2022, Inside Climate News
  • COP27: Developing Countries Set to Speak with a Loud Voice on ‘Loss and Damage’ to Guarantee Climate Justice
    Killian Ngala, November 7, 2022, Timescape
  • Africa losing out already at COP27, climate justice group declares
    Paul Omorogbe, November 7, 2022, Nigerian Tribune
  • Costa Rica and France refine route to protect 30% of the world’s oceans and lands by 2030
    Juan Fernando Lara S, November 7, 2022, La Nación
  • COP27: What you need to know
    Kalain Hosein, November 7, 2022, CNC3 News Trinidad and Tobago
  • One COP, two Brazils – country arrives divided at UN Climate Conference
    Cristiane Prizibisczki, November 6, 2022, O Eco
  • COP27 in Egypt: For Arab states, the stakes are high but expectations low
    Lyse Mauvais, November 4, 2022, The New Arab