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A Necessary Good: US Leadership on Preventing Mass Atrocities

November 2016


The Stanley Center is proud to share a new report by the bipartisan Experts Committee on Preventing Mass Violence. The committee, which was convened by The Prevention and Protection Working Group, included Stanley Center President Keith Porter and 15 other current and former government officials, academics, think tank experts, and nongovernmental organization leaders.

The committee’s report, entitled “A Necessary Good: US Leadership on Preventing Mass Atrocities,” provides key recommendations for improved US leadership in preventing atrocities and genocide worldwide. The report details what should be done to strengthen existing atrocity prevention initiatives, develop new measures, and ensure that the issue is institutionalized within the national security bureaucracy.

“Mass atrocities and genocide continue to challenge the world’s conscience,” Porter said. “This report includes timely recommendations to upcoming new US leaders and reaffirms how preventing mass atrocities and genocide is not merely a necessary good, but an achievable one.”