May 23, 2022 | Stockholm, Sweden | Mass Violence and Atrocities

Urban Fragility and Violence within a Changing Climate

Invitation Only; Registration Required

A Peace in Our Cities event organized in partnership with the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the United State Institute of Peace, this roundtable taking place during the 2022 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development focuses on the nexus between urbanization, fragility, violence, and climate change. Discussion topics include the links between climate change and urban growth and how weak governance, further complicated by climate-induced stresses and a rapidly growing urban population, can aggravate the risk of urban conflicts and violence. It aims to explore how climate and environment-sensitive approaches to urban peacebuilding can contribute to address drivers of fragility and sustain peaceful communities.

This is a closed, invitation-only event with limited spots available for those attending the Stockholm Forum. Should you wish to request an invitation, please contact Jessica Kline at [email protected]. Please note that only in-person participation will be possible.


Sydney Sanchez

Operations Specialist