August 11, 2020 | Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Hotlines: Practice and Contemporary Considerations

Invitation Only

Nuclear hotlines are attractive solutions during times of increased tension for their potential roles in conflict avoidance and crisis de-escalation. They are increasingly featured as options in risk reduction strategies today. Despite decades of experience with bilateral and multilateral hotlines, the literature about them is thin. The policy community has limited understanding of what purposes hotlines serve, in which contexts they might be effective, and how useful they are as confidence building measures. For hotlines to serve their purposes in the 21st century, stakeholders will need better understanding of nuclear hotlines, their efficacy, and how they must evolve to keep pace with rapid developments in information and communication technologies.

The workshop will feature a briefing paper and presentation from Dr. Steven Miller of the Belfer Center. It will also feature remarks from Amb. Thomas Pickering, Amb. Rose Gottemoeller, and Professor Moon Chung-in.

The event will be highly interactive. It will integrate offline discussions before the workshop, small group conversations, and facilitated plenary discussions. The event will be held on a not-for-attribution basis. Observations from the workshop will be published in a discussion summary paper.


Ben Loehrke

Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons