November 1-3, 2022 | Santa Fe, NM, USA | Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Adventures

Invitation Only

This workshop is part of Adventures in Nuclear Risk Reduction, an ongoing project organized by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security in partnership with Bill Moon and Nickolas Roth.

Storytelling is one of our most powerful tools. We engage more with stories, learn more from them, and teach better with them. In policy environments, stories are essential for sharing the messy, practical realities of dealing with complex challenges and relationships that cross national, cultural, and political boundaries. Stories help preserve institutional knowledge and can help inform policymakers as they adapt solutions, iterate upon approaches, or avoid the missteps of prior generations.

Just about everyone involved in nuclear policy has a story to tell. Adventures in Nuclear Risk Reduction seeks to facilitate the transfer of experiential knowledge in nuclear risk reduction by bringing together current and former officials, mid-career experts, and next generation experts to share and discuss stories about their international experiences with arms control, risk reduction, and nuclear security. Through storytelling, the workshop will foster intergenerational knowledge transfer on the ingenuity, practicality, and effectiveness of past cooperative security approaches, in order to inform current and future efforts to reduce nuclear risks. It will offer all participants the opportunity to learn from one other in an informal atmosphere.


Ben Loehrke

Senior Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons