January 22-24, 2020 | Charlottesville, VA, USA | Nuclear Weapons

Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy Strategy Retreat

Invitation Only

Focal points and gender champions of the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP) network are invited to a workshop organized by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and Ploughshares Fund. Focal points and gender champions play a key role in implementing each organization’s commitments and contributing to the GCNP network. With GCNP now in its second year, we have the opportunity to enhance the level of collaboration within the network and help organizations meet and build on shared goals. The workshop will help participants learn from one another’s experiences, collectively identify best practices, and achieve greater progress toward their GCNP commitments. Observations from the workshop will be captured in a summary document that will be shared within the network, built on in subsequent focal point meetings, and used to inform onboarding of new champions and focal points.


Luisa Kenausis

Associate Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons