May 13-14, 2016 | Princeton, NJ, USA | Global Governance

Challenging Multilateralism and The Liberal Order: What Stance Should the United States Take?

Invitation Only

This workshop is the sixth in a series of annual workshops cosponsored by Princeton University, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, the Brookings Institution, and the Stanley Center.

The workshop will convene a select group of scholars and policy experts to explore the future of the global order in a US presidential election and ask the question: What stance should a new administration take?

  • Panel 1 will seek to assess today’s multilateralism.
  • Panel 2 will examine the current alternative world orders that leaders have proposed.
  • Panel 3 will tackle the European Union model.
  • Panel 4 will explore the shape of the global economy following the 2008 global financial crisis.
  • Panel 5 will explore the crisis in Syria and ask the question: What Better US policy might yield an end to the civil war, the humanitarian crisis that has spread far beyond Syria’s borders, and the growing chaos in the region?
  • Panel 6 hopes to bring together in this last and larger panel reactions and lessons drawn by panelists from previous panels and to have a discussion over future US grand


Jennifer Smyser

Vice President and Director of Policy Programming Strategy