Climate Change | Analysis and New Insights

Technology Development and Transfer for a Safe Climate Future

Ambuj Sagar | May 2016


For the developing nations of the world, technology is seen as a critical element of the efforts to address climate challenges. These countries also need to address urgent developmental challenges at the same time, while they often have limited capabilities and resources to address these challenges. While actions to strengthen climate technology development and deployment within industrialized countries are important for enhancing the availability of, and cost reductions in these technologies, developing countries also have to make efforts to strengthen their own capabilities to adopt, develop, and deploy such technologies.

Ambuj Sagar is the Vipula and Mahesh Chaturvedi Professor of Policy Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Professor Sagar’s interests broadly center on the interactions between science, technology, and development, with a particular focus at present on leveraging innovation to meet environment and development challenges. This policy analysis brief discusses some of the key issues surrounding technology in the climate arena, with particular attention to developing countries.