Our Core Values

Our Core Values form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves, individually and as an organization. They guide every decision on how we interact with each other and go about fulfilling our Vision and Mission.

About Our Vision

  • We value the inherent agency, dignity, worth, and human rights of all individuals.
  • We affirm that each person has a place in this complex and interdependent world.
  • We recognize that the actions of individuals have impact outside of their immediate sphere of influence.
  • We promote empathy in human relationships and interactions.
  • We recognize the collective responsibility of all people to one another, to our planet, and to building a just and sustainable future.

About Our mission

  • We believe that profound threats to human survival and well-being require stakeholders at all levels to generate global solutions rooted in systemic change, strong institutions, and global norms.
  • We believe that global governance—and the constellation of rules, norms, and institutions that it comprises—is essential to achieving our vision.
  • To be effective, global governance must evolve, promote habits of cooperation, and give stakeholders at all levels a means to advance enduring solutions at global scale.
  • We value and encourage a constructive, globally minded US contribution to collective action.
  • We value independent, accurate journalism and the role journalists and the media play in building better-informed societies, more-accountable institutions, and effective global governance.

About Our Organization and Work

  • We are strategic, catalytic, collaborative, and impact driven in achieving specific outcomes, and we are pragmatic in our decision making in order to advance our Vision and Mission.
  • We are nonpartisan and prioritize the inclusion of diverse perspectives and the open, respectful exchange of ideas.
  • Constructive, collaborative, and transparent relationships are essential to our internal governance and work environment, our partnerships, and our overall effectiveness.
  • We value the agility and long-term, independent perspective made possible by our status as an endowed, private operating foundation.
  • We value, promote, and strengthen global education to foster more globally minded individuals in our local community.
  • We honor the legacy of our founders and nurture sustained family governance involvement.