June 13, 2024 | Washington D.C., DC, USA | Mass Violence and Atrocities

Workshop: Identity-Based Disinformation

Invitation Only; Registration Required

In partnership with American University’s Center for Security, Innovation and New Technology, this workshop will¬†investigate a conceptual framework that links identity-based violence and disinformation in order to inform and improve strategies to mitigate this form of violence, safeguard protected groups that are being targeted, and hold accountable those perpetrating the attacks.

As digital technologies are accelerating and exacerbating violence and instability globally, there is an urgency to understand how coordinated disinformation campaigns rely on identity-based disinformation that weaponizes racism, sexism, and xenophobia to incite violence against individuals and marginalized communities, stifle social movements, and silence the press. Reference group members in this workshop will explore questions such as:

  • Does the concept of identity-based disinformation resonate, or what questions or reflections does it spark, based on your expertise and background?
  • What are the key technological and human drivers behind identity-based disinformation? How do perpetrators weaponize identity?
  • Who is most vulnerable to identity-based disinformation and how can we better understand how people experience identity-based disinformation, individually and collectively?
  • Can a focus on the intersection of identity-based online violence and coordinated disinformation tactics unlock solutions or policies to mitigate and reduce harm, especially for marginalized individuals, groups, and communities?
  • Which actors are best positioned to advance solutions? Are there existing efforts that could benefit from this conceptual framework, or that need to be brought together to drive solutions?


Kelsey Paul Shantz

Program Officer
Mass Violence and Atrocities