November 13-15, 2023 | Cambridge, MA, USA | Climate Change

Workshop: Adapting to Climate Change in South Asia and West Africa

Invitation Only

Climate impacts are already real and present in particularly vulnerable locations, and will only increase in severity and geographical occurrence over the coming years. The question of how best to respond will depend on careful analysis of geography, environment, and weather changes, as well as social dynamics—from the local economic picture to urban planning. In order to ensure safe, equitable, and just responses to climate impacts, decision makers must be equipped to assess the interplay of each of these elements.

This workshop will build on research being conducted by the faculty research clusters on climate adaptation in the Gulf of Guinea and South Asia, through funding from the Salata Institute, to tap a cross section of experts examining climate impacts in West Africa and South Asia. The conversations will focus on where impacts are expected; what local capacity and government response is necessary, including the stakeholders who will need to make decisions on the ground; connecting these conversations across these regional contexts; and planning for how to prepare local, regional, and international capacity on the topic.


Mark Conway

Program Officer
Climate Change