September 18, 2023 | New York, NY, USA | Climate Change

Global Climate Communications Workshop on Energy Security

Invitation Only; Registration Required

With full view that significant portions of Africa and Southeast Asia have long lacked secure access to reliable energy, the global narrative and framing of energy security has only recently become salient for policymakers and leaders as the world experiences new conflicts, heightened geopolitical competition, and supply and demand shocks. Publics are concerned about prices, energy access, and infrastructure in the midst of climate impacts. At the same time, the concept of energy security remains confusing and ill-defined for the energy transition, as the energy security paradigms for fossil fuels and for renewable energy are completely different. Moving toward COP28 in Dubai, there is a need for clarity around energy security and what it means in the pursuit of the Paris Agreement goals, especially among efforts to phase out fossil fuels and advance renewable energy ambition. Bringing together energy transition and energy security experts and communications teams during Climate Week NYC, this workshop will develop guidelines for communicating around energy security in the lead up to COP28.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change