Number 90 | Summer 2017

Out of the Ashes

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  • If a Tree Falls in the Forest
    Joseph McNamara
  • Life Beyond Coal
    The Ruhr Region of Germany Was Once a Mining Strong; Now Residents Are Seeking New Livelihoods
    Emma Bryce
  • Urban Breakthrough
    Cities Increasingly Asserting Themselves on Global Governance Stage
    Francie Williamson
  • Crisis Cripples Venezuela
    Meaningful International Action Missing Amid Chavismo's Unwillingness to Protect
    Andrés Serbin and Andrei Serbin Pont
  • 3-D Printing Capabilities Increase
    There is a Growing Concern the Technology Could Be Used for Nuclear Weapons
    Marco Fey
  • Security by Design
    Emerging Technologies Require New Approach to Oversight Governance
    Anja Kaspersen