Global Governance | Readout and Recommendations

A Multistakeholder Governance Agenda: What Are the Opportunities?

December 2016


Multistakeholder approaches, which comprise coalitions of state and nonstate actors, have become a permanent part of global governance, amid growing public skepticism about the legitimacy and effectiveness of traditional governance structures.

At the Stanley Center’s 57th annual Strategy for Peace Conference, October 26–28, 2016, participants in the roundtable “A Multistakeholder Governance Agenda: What Are the Opportunities?” debated when, where, and how the multistakeholder approach can best be utilized.

Roundtable participants analyzed how multistakeholderism has been used up until the present, as well as ways to classify the multistakeholder approach. The discussion included a case study of the 2014 Climate March as an example of successful multistakeholderism and an examination of the approach across different sectors.

This policy dialogue brief summarizes the participants’ discussions and recommendations for further exploration.