June 3, 2019 | Brussels, Belgium | Nuclear Weapons

Shared Perspectives on NATO, Cybersecurity, and Command and Control

Invitation Only

Effective command, control, and communications systems (C3) are critical for the Alliance to meet its security and defense objectives. Yet as allies modernize C3 systems to leverage new digital capabilities, the requirements for defending these complex systems against cyberattacks also rise. Cyber interference with NATO C3 systems could challenge NATO forces’ readiness and rapid response or worsen crisis escalation dynamics. It is important for NATO to reduce its exposure to cyberattacks while having the ability to exploit critical assets of the adversaries. An exchange of views on possible cyber risks to NATO systems and Alliance best practices for mitigating such risks is an important step in advancing solutions that enhance the security and resilience of NATO C3 systems.

This roundtable, hosted by Chatham House and the Stanley Center, will facilitate an exchange of views on the cybersecurity challenges and best practices associated with NATO command, control, and communications systems. The objective of the workshop is to advance shared understandings of how NATO perceives the cyber risks to its command and control systems and how it addresses those challenges in maintaining the security and resiliency of its systems. The project is based on unclassified and open-source material. It will be an important tool to advance awareness and perceptions on cybersecurity within member states and civil society.


Luisa Kenausis

Associate Program Officer
Nuclear Weapons