September 25, 2019 | New York, NY, USA | Climate Change

Aligning to Meet the Urgency: A Conversation for Climate and Peace and Security Funders

Invitation Only

The importance of the nexus of climate and security is growing on international policy agendas. Funders from both of these communities have been considering how to connect in useful ways. The UN Secretary-General’s call to step up to the challenge of climate change at the Climate Action Summit on September 23 provides a critical moment for these communities to connect. Based on dialogue started in February at an event in The Hague, Netherlands, and consultations since, this meeting will focus on topics with the most interest and collaboration potential. It will gather a wide set of participants from the climate and peace and security philanthropic communities.

This meeting will faciliate:

  • Networking amongst funders and experts who are interested in the climate and peace/security nexus;
  • Illumination of work happening at this nexus in the fields of geopolitics, global risk and governance, clean energy, and land use; and
  • A shared understanding of the overlapping objectives, goals, and opportunities for philanthropy, in order to identify areas for potential collaboration.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change