Number 32 | Summer 2000

Voices of East Timor

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  • Voices of East Timor
    Excerpted by Kristin McHugh
  • Vietnam and the United States in the Changing Asia Pacific
    Vietnam and American policy analysts exchange views
    Excerpted by Sherry Gray
  • International Humanitarian Intervention
    Where, where, how, and why?
    Kristin McHugh
  • Rwanda's Gacaca Experiment
    Excerpted by Keith Porter
  • Keeping the Peace
    Justice and hope must follow war
    Keith Porter
  • Creating ILAC
    Joan Winship
  • Defining Human Rights
    Should rights be universal or culture specific?
    Keith Porter
  • Evolving Relations Between NGOs and the UN
    Kristin McHugh
  • Nuclear Arms Control Regime at Risk
    Multilateral efforts are needed
    Keith Porter