Number 54 | Spring 2007

Finding Our Way in a New World

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  • Charting a New Course
    Conference examines how United States might lead effectively in the 21st century
    Jeff Martin
  • Conference on National and Global Security
    Six breakout panels at the Stanley Foundation's Conference on National and Global Security delved into issues that often come up in the foundation's work. Here is a brief look at each discussion and what some panelists had to say.
  • Public Favors Both Diplomacy, Threat of Force
    Large majorities of Americans see a vital need to earn international goodwill
    Adapted from David Shorr's article in The Des Moines Register
  • How Should US Leaders Engage Asia?
    Engagement is key to US policy in a region of conflicted past, an unclear future, and cross-border challenges growing ever-more complex
    Michael Schiffer
  • Conservatives and Progressives Work Toward Common Ground
    Keith Porter