Number 72 | Fall 2011

Rising to the G-20 Challenge

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  • Are the World's Emerging Powers Rising to the Challenge?
    The challenges of global economic growth are not the only problems that cry out for the kind of cooperation the G-20 embodies
    David Shorr
  • The Country of the Future Arrives
    Facing a renewed global crisis threatening to limit its growth, Brazil will call on G-20 leaders to rise to the occasion
    Paulo Sotero
  • Lone Voice From Southeast Asia
    Indonesia's effectiveness and credibility on the G-20 depends on its political and economic performance at home
    Yuli Ismartono
  • A Need for Leadership on Africa
    South Africa, its continent's only G-20 representative, has not taken up the cause of development as it should
    Chris Landsberg
  • Global Governance Expert Available to Media