Black Lives Matter

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security unequivocally upholds that Black Lives Matter.

Each day, Black voices like those of George Floyd are diminished or silenced forever at the hands of police brutality, mass incarceration, and the many other symptoms of systemic racism.

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security believes that inclusive dialogue and diverse perspectives create better solutions for global policy—and that we cannot be effective in achieving our vision until Black lives are preserved and Black voices are heard.

Our Commitment

We commit to immediate action for concrete, enduring, and systemic change in the United States and elsewhere and fully recognize our need to be more cognizant of our privilege, yield space, and ever-more strongly amplify the voices of Black people and people of color. We will forever remain in solidarity with the Black and people of color communities that so effectively lead the fight for freedom, justice, and dignity.

The Stanley Center joins with Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation (WCAPS), creators of OrgsinSolidarity, in a pledge for collective action:

Standing Together Against Racism and Discrimination

We, the undersigned, stand together against the acts of racism and discrimination that are structurally and culturally built into the foundation of this country and manifest in the repeated targeting of Black people. We, therefore, echo the WCAPS Statements on the Killing of George Floyd. This moment has at last driven into the mainstream a long-overdue conversation about institutional racism. America can no longer ignore the vast inequities that exist in this country and that serve as a powerful catalyst for our communal effort to eradicate the violence that destroys the lives and peace of the citizens of our nation.

As individuals and organizations that work to promote global peace and security, we are acutely aware of how racism and discrimination obstruct our goals. These racial attitudes exist in all facets of our lives, weakening our democracy, and opposing our values of equality, justice, and freedom.

To root out institutional racism, it is vital that we re-examine our implicit and explicit biases, as well as biases within our organizations. We share a common vision of a world where all people are treated equally, fairly, and with respect.

Institutional racism purposefully disadvantages Black people and people of color through social, economic, and political systems, reinforcing white supremacy, and must be consciously confronted, addressed and removed.

We understand that racism in America will not be eliminated without a sustained effort. We must work within ourselves, our organizations, and in collaboration against any and all signs of structural racism that continue to permeate our culture, society, and ways of life.

To truly combat racism and achieve our mission of peace and security for all, we must be willing to work on this issue every day. We commit to do so and to hold ourselves accountable. As individuals and organizations, we must:

  • Actively change the face of international peace and security by ensuring that our organizations reflect the diversity of America and at all levels.
  • Diversify our boards of directors and advisory committees to include Black people and people of color.
  • Elevate the voices of Black people and people of color in the media and through other public engagements.
  • Educate our leadership and staff on the prevention of racism and discrimination, and on their detrimental impacts.
  • Call out racism and share the burden of dismantling white supremacy.
  • Acknowledge microaggressions and their detrimental impact on Black people and people of color in the workplace.
  • Provide support, including financial support and resources, to groups that are led by Black people and people of color that promote our values.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of Black people and people of color and credit their work in the fields of international peace and security.
  • Develop a safe workplace where Black people and people of color can share their concerns on issues of racism and racial discrimination.
  • Develop meaningful diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies for Black people and people of color, and our efforts on gender diversity will include women of color.
  • Develop processes for hiring individuals from local and low-income communities.
  • Develop mentorship programs for Black people and people of color in our organizations.

Some of us have already begun work in these areas, while others are just beginning. We recognize that each of us is in different places on this journey and we will work together to achieve these goals. We will join WCAPS in discussions on how we can ensure we are accountable for our efforts to address racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We will be part of the solution.


Over 200 organizations, network leaders, and individuals in the fields of peace and security, national security, and foreign policy signed this solidarity statement, including the Stanley Center for Peace and Security. See the full list of signatories here.

In Solidarity

“Peace without justice is not possible. Promoting peace requires resolute and unwavering anti-racism; there is no middle ground. We stand with all those demanding justice, accountability, and human security for black Americans that has been denied since the founding of the United States.”
—Alliance for Peacebuilding

“The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists recognizes racism as a threat to humanity and that national security cannot be advanced unless all citizens have strong personal security. Within the national security community, the dialogue has been historically dominated by white male voices and it is our responsibility to initiate and cultivate change. We acknowledge that we have much work to do on this front to serve as an ally with communities of color, and those advocating change.”
—Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“We must address the deep inequities, systemic racism and polarization which have long plagued American society. At Carnegie, we remain committed to doing all we can to help build a better and more just society, and to keep a sharp focus on the underlying pathologies of violence and intolerance which obstruct the pursuit of international peace. And we can certainly do more to address the inexcusable under-representation of women and minority voices in our profession and lift up the next generation.”
—Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“We stand with our current and former fellows who have been brutalized by an unjust and racist U.S. policing and penal system. We stand with our grant partners working to reform racist institutional systems in all areas of our work. We stand with peaceful demonstrators who safely demand accountability, justice and reform. We value and thank the leadership of WCAPS and commit to the actions above.”
—David Rockefeller Fund

“We encourage our National Security & Foreign Policy colleagues to actively remember that racism is inarguable a national security threat. Bigotry, xenophobia, systemic inequality, inequity, institutional oppression, micro and macro aggressions and the many other manifestations of institutional racism and hate must be met with our loud and ardent rebuke and our ACTION. We encourage you to stand with and commit to support efforts to eradicate racism and redefine institutions that have not lived up to the ideals set forth by this nation’s founders.”
—Diversity in National Security Network

“As a Quaker organization that lobbies Congress for peace, justice and environmental stewardship, we are committed to eliminate institutional racism, institutional sexism and other forms of systemic discrimination—as a daily practice and within our legislative priorities. Our nation has a special responsibility to redress the consequences of its long history of slavery, race-based discrimination and oppression that is corrosive to Black lives and to a society that seeks equality.”
—Friends Committees on National Legislation

“Expressions of solidarity from the peace and security crowd are not enough. We must take responsibility for our role in a system that perpetuates racial injustice and be vocal and persistent actors in addressing systemic racism and inequality. We’re honored to stand with our colleagues at WCAPS and commit to concrete action to confront white supremacy in all its insidious forms, break down institutionalized racism, root out conscious and unconscious bias, and bring about the structural change needed to make our communities, institutions, and movements truly just.”
—Global Zero

“N Square stands alongside the family of George Floyd and the millions of Black Americans who continue to suffer the impacts of systemic racial injustice. This horrible moment has inspired us to dig deeper into our advocacy and allyship, even as our hearts break over our collective failure to ensure that all people are protected by law and secure from all threats, whether those threats take the form of racist police officers or the production, testing, or use of nuclear weapons. It is time to revolutionize our systems and our practices so that all of them, without fail, align toward justice.”
—N Square

“The deep, long, and interconnected history of racism with transphobia and homophobia makes the journey towards and the living of authentic lives especially dangerous for black LGBTQIA+ Americans.”
—Out in National Security

“As an international peacebuilding organization based in the U.S. and UK, we bear a responsibility to work actively within our own communities to build a society based on justice, nonviolent transformation of conflict, and human dignity for all. We recognize our own complicity within systems of oppression and injustice which have shaped our countries and the current global order, and we remain committed to working with local people to stop violence and build lasting peace.”
—Peace Direct

“Protesters across the country have shone a light on what can no longer be ignored: the persistence of deadly and systemic racism in America. Our mission and our values at Ploughshares Fund are grounded in peace, democracy and justice. We stand for everyone’s right to a safe and secure future. We stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting against police violence and the callous disregard for the lives of Trayvon Martin, of Philando Castile, of Eric Garner, of Breonna Taylor, of Ahmaud Arbery, of George Floyd — and too many others.”
—Ploughshares Fund

“Peacebuilding is working towards our collective futures and liberation. For far too long we have considered the very power structures and capital that design and cause violence as a possible resource in building peace. However the truth must be uncovered. If we want to build peace we must work to dismantle those systems of oppression like racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, sexism, classism and ableism. Without our mutual liberation there is no peace.”

“The killing of George Floyd is the latest painful chapter in a brutal history America too often tries to dismiss and for too long has failed to overcome. Against the backdrop of a deadly pandemic, increasing international isolationism, and rising authoritarianism globally, his horrific death and the swell of protests that followed mark a hinge moment in history: Our actions now will determine whether we swing back into a dark past or press forward toward a brighter future, with peace and justice for all.”
—Rockefeller Brothers Fund

“The Stanley Center for Peace and Security unequivocally upholds that Black Lives Matter. We commit to immediate action for concrete, enduring, and systemic change in the United States and elsewhere and fully recognize our need to be more cognizant of our privilege, yield space, and ever-more strongly amplify the voices of Black people and people of color. We will forever remain in solidarity with Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation and others in the Black and people of color communities as they so effectively lead the fight for freedom, justice, and dignity.”
Stanley Center for Peace and Security

“We need to move forward with a commitment to use our voices, our stories, our ballots, and our liberties to call out injustice whenever we see it, whether it’s happening here in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world.”
United Nations Association of the USA

“I stand firmly against racism, discrimination, inequity, xenophobia, and bigotry in any form, and commit to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity in my personal and professional capacity. We cannot achieve world security without human security. #BlackLivesMatter.”
Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-proliferation

“The Black Lives Matter movement calls upon political leaders and society as a whole to end the racism, discrimination and inequalities that persist and abound in the United States in the 21st century. These systemic, structural, and institutional inequalities have been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic and the crushing economic recession. The crisis is both urgent and chronic.”
—Women in International Security

See the full list of solidarity statements here.

Organizations in Solidarity


This page will be kept up to date with resources and actions that reflect our long-term commitment.