Mass Violence and Atrocities | Report

Review and Vitalization of Peacebuilding

June 2010


In an increasingly interdependent world, strategic international coordination has proven a largely elusive ideal. The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) was explicitly designed to confront this challenge and tailored to meet the demands of post-conflict complexity by providing an integrated and coherent approach to post-conflict peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Five years after creation of the PBC, many of the issues it faces highlight the challenges it is likely to confront in the long term, making this an ideal time to take stock of PBC experience and consider ways to maximize its potential.

On May 21–23, 2010, the Stanley Center convened a conference, “Review and Vitalization of Peacebuilding,” to assist the PBC’s five-year comprehensive review. Participants included the appointed review facilitator team leaders and representatives (Ireland, Mexico, and South Africa), UN officials, diplomats, and civil society experts.

The conference examined key issues for the review process. Many inspired consensus, while others raised questions in need of further exploration.