Mass Violence and Atrocities | Discussion Takeaways

Review and Vitalization of Peacebuilding

May 2010


The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission is undergoing its first, five-year comprehensive review. Created from the outcomes of the 2005 World Summit along with the Peacebuilding Fund and the Peacebuilding Support Office, the commission is mandated to “marshal resources and to advise on and propose integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery.”

The Stanley Center convened about 30 governmental and nongovernmental officials near New York, May 21-23, 2010, to help facilitate the review process. Participants included the appointed review facilitator team leaders and representatives (Ireland, Mexico, and South Africa), UN officials, diplomats, and civil society experts from a number of countries.

The conference examined several key issues. Many inspired significant consensus, while others raised questions in need of further exploration. Highlights and key observations from the discussion are in this policy memo.