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Making Sense of Multilateralism

David Shorr | January 2011


The United States and rising powers is the subject of this article from the Great Decisions 2011 briefing book. The article explores international cooperation and making sense of multilateralism.

To understand the diplomatic and policy workings of multilateral cooperation, it is instructive to trace the international community’s response to some of the major challenges on the global agenda. Looking at four major issues—nuclear proliferation, climate change, the global economy/economic development, and human rights—Stanley Center program officer David Shorr draws a picture of a multilateral “ecosystem” with a lot of biodiversity among the forums where US officials work with their counterparts.

The briefing book is part of the Great Decisions program from the Foreign Policy Association. In addition to multilateralism, Great Decisions 2011 features articles on rebuilding Haiti; American national security since 9/11; the Horn of Africa; banks, governments, and debt crises; responding to the financial crisis; Germany’s ascendancy; sanctions and nonproliferation; and the Caucasus.

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