Global Governance | Discussion Takeaways

Domestic Constraints on Global Cooperation

October 2012


As part of its 53rd annual Strategy for Peace Conference, the Stanley Center convened some 15 policy experts from Brazil, India, and the United States near Washington, DC, on October 17-19, 2012, to discuss the domestic determinants of international cooperation. When analysts and practitioners—especially in Washington and other Western capitals—assess issues on the international agenda, they tend to focus on rising powers’ policy stances without delving into their internal considerations. With a focus on two emerging powers and three areas of policy participants discussed ideas for a more comprehensive and holistic approach to the major collective action problems of today’s world. The conference brought together experts from the Brazil, India, and the United States and the agenda covered food security, energy security/climate change, and nuclear nonproliferation.

Participants identified avenues that could facilitate greater cooperation between rising and established powers.