Nuclear Weapons | Discussion Takeaways

Controlling and Securing Nuclear Materials: Multilateral Approaches

December 2009


Given the importance of securing and controlling vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide, the Stanley Center convened about 35 governmental and nongovernmental officials in Washington on December 2, 2009, to examine practical steps toward meeting this goal.

Participants included leading experts and diplomats from a number of countries (Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States) plus ranking UN officials and nongovernmental analysts.

The group agreed on the importance of making nuclear security a higher global priority and that global nuclear security challenges cannot be met without ongoing multilateral action. Participants also examined the role of the upcoming heads-of-state summit hosted by President Obama and that of the International Atomic Energy Agency in addressing the challenges.

Highlights and key observations from the discussion are included in this Stanley Center policy memo.