Moving into a Living Building

April 2023

In March and April 2023, Stanley Center staff moved into our new Stanley Green Home at 304 Iowa Avenue.

Construction is almost complete at 304 Iowa Avenue! The Stanley Center staff moved into our new building and started working out of the office in March and April.

Movers transfer boxes down the street from 209 to 304 Iowa Avenue.

We are excited to work in a space that was intentionally built with well-being in mind. Sunlight pours into the main atrium through three giant skylights and nourishes the four Ficus trees growing there. Green walls in several common areas and offices introduce more plant life into working areas. Paneling and tables made from sustainable wood contribute to the sense of being in a space with biophilic design.

Every staff member has their own equal-sized office, and the building has many common areas for working, both indoors and outdoors. Some of us enjoy the challenge of unlearning the old habit of sequestering in a cubicle all day in favor of collaborating in well-lit common areas. Art on loan from The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts adorns our walls and reminds us of the multifaceted societal dimensions of our work.

A worker assembles a table in the atrium of 304 Iowa Avenue.

The intentions behind these and thousands of other decisions that went into our living building project are a testament to the comprehensive approach to design and well-being embodied in the Living Building Challenge.

The building is currently connected to city water and power. When ready, it will acquire all of the water it needs from rainwater harvesting and produce more energy than it consumes through solar panels. We will be sharing more updates as the final elements of the building are completed and sustainable systems go online this summer.

Atrium and cafe at 304 Iowa Avenue.