Demolition and Waste Diversion

December 2021

The first phase of construction—demolition—is well underway. At least 80% of waste from this phase of the project will be diverted from landfills.

Demolition is well underway at 304 Iowa Avenue as the vision for Stanley Center’s new home starts to become a reality. Since our home will be a renovation of an existing structure, responsible stewardship of waste materials also represents an integral part of our commitment to sustainability.

The net positive waste imperative of the Living Building Challenge states that at least 80% of waste from demolition must be diverted from landfills during construction (that’s 332 tons as of the date of this post!). Certain materials from the existing structure will also be used to create a work of art for the building to acknowledge the history of this land (more on this in future updates).

Below are photos of the demolition process from the final months of 2021.