Nuclear Weapons | Analysis and New Insights

Building a Nuclear Security Framework From the Ground Up: Encouraging Coordination Among Centers of Excellence in Northeast Asia

Sharon Squassoni | March 2013


Leaders of more than 45 countries have now met twice at summits to strengthen nuclear security. At the 2010 and 2012 nuclear security summits, 15 countries announced they would establish centers of excellence (COE) or training programs related to nuclear security.

The establishment of so many centers raises important questions about their effectiveness and coordination, but also about the opportunity this may provide. In particular, can the COE be a mechanism for sustainable, continual progress in nuclear security, particularly in Asia, where the demand for nuclear energy is likely to grow more rapidly than in any other region in the world.

In this brief, Sharon Squassoni of the Center for Strategic & International Studies offers an analysis of the potential for, and recommendations on how to encourage collaboration among COE, specifically in China, Japan, and South Korea, to contribute to improved nuclear security.