Global Governance | Report

Bright Spots: Expert Views on Emerging-Established Power Cooperation

David Shorr, Rei Tang, and Rebecca R. Friedman | February 2014


Shifting clout between emerging and established powers poses one of the most complex challenges of our time. What is the appetite of key governments to cooperate in problem solving? What stances do they take? The world order can only function well if its main premises and institutions reflect basic common views among the major players.

In 2013 the Stanley Center carried out a wide-ranging consultation with experts in the policy communities of emerging and established powers about what issues hold potential for advancement. Stepping back from the panoply of multilateral efforts, we take a fresh look at the agenda and ask what problems warrant a more prominent push.

In a 32-page paper, authors David Shorr, Rei Tang, and Rebecca R. Friedman discuss the key points that arose during the yearlong consultations on climate change and energy; economic and human development; and the global commons.