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An Efficient Approach to Climate Change at the G-20

Rei Tang | May 2014


The G-20 must take further action on climate change.

The host of the next G-20 summit—Australia—has been quiet about the issue so far, but other member countries want to see climate on the agenda at the November meeting.

The world’s top economies can take practical steps to move forward such as phasing down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), tackling the climate dimension of infrastructure investment, instituting a peer review process for the phaseout of fossil-fuel subsidies, and working to advance energy efficiency.

In a series of essays on the Australian G-20 presidency published by the Lowy Institute, analysts from 11 countries, including the Stanley Center’s Rei Tang, examined whether Australia has been able to make progress as the G-20 chair; which global issues need more attention; and what must be done to make the Brisbane Summit a success.