December 6, 2016 | Mass Violence and Atrocities

Public-Private Partnerships to Prevent Atrocities: Lessons from the Central African Republic Peacebuilding Partnership

Invitation Only

Building on US policy commitments to prevent mass atrocities, promote resilient societies, and support development solutions that strengthen local systems for change, the US Agency for International Development and the GHR Foundation—in partnership with the Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)—launched the Central African Republic (CAR) Peacebuilding Partnership. The CAR Peacebuilding Partnership is a five-year (2015–2019) public-private partnership to support locally-led peacebuilding and atrocity prevention efforts in the country.

This dinner is co-hosted by the Stanley Center and PSFG, featuring Nancy Lindborg, president of the United States Institute of Peace, and Andreas Hipple, senior program advisor at the GHR Foundation. What are the opportunities and challenges for public-private partnerships? How can foundations and the private sector effectively partner with governments to promote atrocity prevention in contexts with imminent or ongoing atrocities? Using the CAR Peacebuilding Partnership as a frame for discussion, we will engage participants on these questions and explore the broader potential for public-private partnerships to contribute to atrocity prevention.


Kelsey Paul Shantz

Program Officer
Mass Violence and Atrocities