February 25-27, 2014 | New Delhi, Delhi, India | Climate Change

Moving Beyond Universalism – Reframing the Climate Debate

Invitation Only

The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in India and the Stanley Center (USA) are co-hosting an international conference on “Moving Beyond Universalism—Reframing the Climate Debate,” 25–27 February, 2014, at New Delhi.

There is perhaps only one broad certainty in the contemporary debate on climate change—not only does climate change affect different nations and communities differently, but the responses by individual stakeholders and institutions are equally disparate because of their different positions along the trajectory of economic growth and the resulting differences in consumption and production patterns as well as natural resource use. The discussions will seek to unbundle the different policy responses resulting from these variations and their impact upon the evolution of existing and future multilateral frameworks.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change