March 31, 2016 | Washington, D.C., USA | Nuclear Weapons

Descent from the Summit: Managing Security Across the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Invitation Only

Much attention has been given throughout the Summit process to the threat posed by “bomb-grade” nuclear materials. While the radiological risks associated with source materials and spent fuel from reactors are lower than for highly enriched uranium or plutonium, recent security incidents demonstrate the importance of extending the security regime and enhancing nuclear security culture across the breadth of the nuclear fuel cycle. Practical security measures against the unauthorized removal or misuse of materials provide additional opportunities for detection, highlighting how a risk-based, graded approach can strengthen “uranium security.” Likewise, it is important to secure the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in a sustainable and safe way.

On March 31, the Stimson Center and the Stanley Center will host a policy salon dinner featuring remarks by Janne Mokka, CEO of Posiva, R. Jeffrey Smith, Managing Editor of National Security at the Center for Public Integrity, and Cindy Vestergaard from Stimson and Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).

The discussion at this event will trace how a changing global uranium market is impacting the governance of uranium production and trade, as well as strategies to better manage potential security threats emerging from inadequate governance. It will also consider innovative approaches to the final disposition of spent fuel—a significant challenge for the global civilian power market and the international security community alike.


Jennifer Smyser

Vice President and Director of Policy Programming Strategy