February 9, 2015 | Climate Change

Cooperative Actions as a Catalyst for the UNFCCC Process

Invitation Only

On February 9, the Stanley Center, the University of Oxford Blavatnik School of Government, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, will be hosting a dinner discussion titled “Cooperative Actions as a Catalyst for the UNFCCC Process.”

As countries negotiate the next climate agreement, due in December 2015, there is growing attention to bottom-up actions and the commitments that countries, cities, regions, private companies, and civil society groups are taking now to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. This groundswell of climate action offers an extraordinary opportunity both to complement and catalyze the intergovernmental negotiations.

Following COP20, there is an urgent need to define how sub/nonstate actions and cooperative initiatives will relate to the emerging climate regime, and such dialogue must to be on countries’ agendas early in 2015. This salon dinner will allow parties to discuss how this broader agenda can best contribute to the work of the UNFCCC member states in 2015 and beyond.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change