June 23, 2014 | Mass Violence and Atrocities

Advancing Transatlantic Linkages on R2P and Mass Atrocity Prevention

Invitation Only

The international community as a whole is in urgent need of successful, cooperative strategies for preventing and stopping mass atrocities. As recent crises have highlighted, effective international cooperation to save lives and preserve peace and security remains aspirational at best. The right starting point for the cooperation is between like-minded, politically influential, and militarily capable allies and partners, starting with the longtime transatlantic partners of the United States and others who have a record of supporting common security objectives.

On June 23, 2014, the Stanley Center in collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will host the first of a series of policy salon lunches beginning in New York and will include Washington, DC, and select European capitals. The luncheons will bring together policymakers, practitioners in the field of mass atrocity prevention, and scholars to produce assessments of  the policy positions, doctrines, and dedicated capacity at the national and European Union (EU) regional level and consider actual policies pursued in response to atrocity situations. The project will subsequently make recommendations for transatlantic diplomacy to take initial steps to promote explicit national prevention language and policies in EU membership constituencies, development and use of early warning capacities and response, and the employment of a mass atrocity prevention lens in the European community.


Kelsey Paul Shantz

Program Officer
Mass Violence and Atrocities