September 20, 2016 | New York, NY, USA | Climate Change

A Movement for 1.5°C: Building an Agenda for Climate Action and Mobilization After Paris

Invitation Only

Climate Action Network, Climate Vulnerable Forum, CARE, and the Stanley Center are co-hosting the workshop “A Movement for 1.5° C: Building an Agenda for Climate Action and Mobilization After Paris.” A reception will follow the workshop.

With the 1.5° C target set in the Paris Agreement, many of the advocates who pushed to bring this about now are building an agenda for the pre-2020 period. This workshop will begin discussions on an engagement platform to further develop this agenda.

Representing advocates and institutions involved in various aspects of climate action and mobilization, participants will share policies and identify challenges and opportunities to pursue the 1.5° C target. Participants will discuss how to build a movement where sub- and nonstate actors and activists can help mobilize around and clear a path for the world on key climate action opportunities. They will also examine how such action can prepare leading stakeholders to increase their ambition in the run-up to the expected 2018 political and mobilization moments, shape the narrative of 1.5° C target before the IPCC report, and ensure the movement has a unified message.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change