March 23-24, 2021 | Climate Change

A Global Roadmap for Economic Governance from Recovery to Structural Reforms to Support a Decade of Decarbonization

Registration Required; Invitation Only

World leaders have been focused, appropriately, on Covid-19 emergency relief over the past year, turning only more recently to the question of recovery in anticipation of more widespread vaccinations and the arrival, post-Covid, of a “new normal.” But as the world now turns its attention to a variety of recovery initiatives framed largely around the climate action imperative, we must not ignore or brush aside urgent questions of global economic governance and related institutional reform. The current crisis has both exposed chronic weaknesses and shortcomings that need to be fixed, and opened up the aperture on a range of policy mechanisms that are newly available to make such changes possible.

This workshop explores a set of practical policy priorities and objectives to pursue economic reform that meet the climate challenge by building a fair, just, and 1.5°C-aligned global economy. Not only is this needed to support a “decade of decarbonization,” but the recovery actions taken in the near-term need governance to manage their risks and build resilience to shocks in the future.


Rei Tang

Program Officer
Climate Change